Ubuntu Power Users: first meeting

The Ubuntu Power Users Community had a meeting on Thursday, May 26, 2011 at 17:00 UTC in the #ubuntu-meeting channel. This was the first meeting of this new community, and we had many things on our agenda: the organization of the team, the team logo/branding, the overall team goals and purpose, our long term goals and the goals for the Oneiric cycle. Although we discussed many topics, we didn’t manage to talk about everything we originally planned.
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Ubuntu Power Users

I bought a coffee machine just before the UDS. It’s a very user-friendly machine: you put in a capsule, pull a trigger, and voilá… latte macchiato (or capuccino, or espresso, or chococino, or whatever you like) is ready. You don’t need to know too much about coffee. You don’t even have to know how to froth milk… and you won’t burn your hand with the steam for sure. This machine provides me the perfect user experience: I can focus on my job which is turning caffeine into text.
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Hello Planet Ubuntu!

This is my first post on Planet Ubuntu, so I think I should start with a short introduction. My name is László Torma (toros), I live in Budapest, Hungary. I am the LoCo contact of the Hungarian Ubuntu LoCo. I work on many areas in our community: I post news on our LoCo site (ubuntu.hu), I contribute to our e-learning portal (edu.ubuntu.hu), and I give presentations at conferences. An important part of my job is coordination: I answer people who contact the loco, I help with resolving conflicts on our forums, I lead our monthly IRC meetings. I also have a blog aimed at the Hungarian Power Users: the main topics of the blog are development releases, new features and new ideas in Ubuntu. No wonder I joined the Ubuntu Power User Community immediately after it was announced.

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