Ubuntu Power Users

I bought a coffee machine just before the UDS. It’s a very user-friendly machine: you put in a capsule, pull a trigger, and voilá… latte macchiato (or capuccino, or espresso, or chococino, or whatever you like) is ready. You don’t need to know too much about coffee. You don’t even have to know how to froth milk… and you won’t burn your hand with the steam for sure. This machine provides me the perfect user experience: I can focus on my job which is turning caffeine into text.

Most people have the same attitude towards computers: they do not want to focus on their machine, they just want their job done. Unity provides a perfect interface for those people: they can easily start applications, find their documents, and switch between tasks quickly. But some users are different: there are people who really like to tweak the user interface. They like experimenting with different options and setups. Not because they necessarily need this… they do it because they enjoy it. Those are the Power Users.

I am one of those people. I love tweaking my machine: testing different options and settings, install unstable applications from untrusted PPAs, extend my user interface. Although Unity was aimed at regular users, it is also the perfect environment for me: I can install indicators and lenses, I can easily create static quicklists for my launcher icons, and there are millions of options to tweak in CompizConfig Settings Manager.

I was very excited when I first read about the idea of Ubuntu Power User Community in Jono Bacon’s post on Wednesday evening, and I wanted to join immediately. I subscribed to the mailing list next morning, and some hours later we even had an IRC channel (#ubuntu-power-users). I contributed to the Wiki page. A new project called Kitchen Sink is being planned: a single application that supports multiple plug-in that provides you with a plethora of check-boxes for switching on and off all kinds of different things.

Do you want to be part of this awesome community? No problem: It is very easy to get involved. Are you a Power User? Subscribe to the mailing list list or join the #ubuntu-power-users IRC channel on Freenode and help other users! Are you a Developer? Help us build the Kitchen Sink. Do you want to do something quickly? Then create a Quicklist for your favorite application following these instructions and send it upstream. Join the Power User Community and feel the power!


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I am an Ubuntu member.
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One Response to Ubuntu Power Users

  1. Negativeland says:

    It’s unfortunate that you’ve commited yourself to this new “user experience”. I’ve been using Ubuntu since 9.10, after using Slackware and Fedora, among other distros. After spending some time with Unity, I had to install Gnome3 from the PPA to get away from it. And I’m already planning on moving to Debian, since the only thing that seems to be keeping me here, is the package format. Any new servers I’ll be installing at my job will also switch to Debian.

    The Unity interface is utterly wretched. It wastes screen space on any screen larger than 1024×768, and the wrongheaded and broken paradigm of “global menus” is annoying to the extreme, and will confuse users at the least, and force forking of apps at the worst.

    Good luck on your chosen path. You just keep sprinkling tinsels on the giant turd that is Unity…

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