Ubuntu Power Users: first meeting

The Ubuntu Power Users Community had a meeting on Thursday, May 26, 2011 at 17:00 UTC in the #ubuntu-meeting channel. This was the first meeting of this new community, and we had many things on our agenda: the organization of the team, the team logo/branding, the overall team goals and purpose, our long term goals and the goals for the Oneiric cycle. Although we discussed many topics, we didn’t manage to talk about everything we originally planned.

We started the discussion with stating our team vision. Our goal is to help power users to get the most out of Ubuntu. We want to provide a place for power users to communicate, document configuration functionality, and provide tools for tweaking the system. Basically, we want to give users the power to expand, adjust, and tweak their system. To achieve these goals we want to create documentation of tweaks and useful tools, with a mind toward safety. We don’t want to suggest tweaks that could cause issues for a user and can not be backed out of.

We talked about what actions can be done in this cycle. A very important part of our mission is to build the Kitchen Sink: a single application that supports multiple plug-in that provides you with a plethora of check-boxes for switching on and off all kinds of different things. This application will most probably be the well known Ubuntu Tweak. The developer of Ubuntu Tweak, Tualatrix Chou has already joined our mailing list.

The Ubuntu Power User Community will focus on making Ubuntu Tweak ready for Oneiric, and push it into the repositories. The next version of Ubuntu Tweak will have a plugin feature, so the problematic PPA part of the program can be a separate install in the next version. First, we need to focus on getting the code in shape. According to Jordan Mantha (LaserJock), it needs some analysis for safety and stability. A plugin for Unity specific settings has to be made. The packaging will fall into place pretty easily once these are done.

An important part of our mission is creating documentation for Unity about topics like keyboard shortcuts, what options exist in CompizConfig Settings Manager and dconf-editor, and what they actually do. We already have a lot of information on Ask Ubuntu, so it can serve as a good starting point. The main problem is that Ask Ubuntu is not a documentation source. Our goal is to create high quality documentation for Power Users based on the information available on Ask Ubuntu and from other sources.

The first meeting of the Ubuntu Power User Community was a very important milestone in the life of the project. We set some ambitious but not unreachable goals for us. If you want to get involved in the Power User Community just subscribe to the mailing list list or join the #ubuntu-power-users IRC channel on Freenode. There is a plenty of room for you to share your power with others.


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